Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spate of Burglaries

From the Middletown Police Department
In the past two days there have been four suspects arrested for burglarizing residential homes in various parts of the city. The rapid response of the Middletown Patrol Division along with alert Middletown citizens helped to catch the suspects during the commission of the crime. Officers in patrol, detectives in specialized divisions, and officers working private duty jobs all assisted in the speedy capture of the suspects. Several thousand dollars in stolen items were recovered from the suspects.

The Investigative Services Division is continuing the investigation as the suspects arrested in the past twenty-four hours may have been involved in a crime spree of burglaries within Middletown and surrounding towns.

We would like to remind the citizens of Middletown that there are several things
that they can do to protect themselves and their neighbors from this type of crime.
  • If you see suspicious vehicles or people in your neighborhood call the police. Try to give a good description to the police dispatchers, such as license plate number, color and makeof the car, and any distinguishing marks. Clothing descriptions on the suspicious person, whatever catches your eye about the person or car, pass the information along to the police.
  • If you see someone suspicious do not confront them, call the police. Many people who burglarize homes are desperate and may act on that.
  • Keep your doors and windows locked. If you have an alarm make sure you set the alarm,even if you just leaving the house for a quick errand.
  • If someone knocks on your door that you do not recognize do not answer the door. If a sales person comes to you house, call the police department to make sure they haveapermit to go door to door.
  • Do not leave your valuables in plain view. That beautiful jewelry box you got as a gift may be the perfect place to store your jewelry, but it is the first place that a burglar will look.
  • Hide your valuables; do not leave lap tops, cameras, cell phones and wallets out in the open.
  • Take close-up pictures of your valuables, each piece of jewelry should have its own picture.
  • Keep a log of all your electronic equipment, including serial numbers, make, model and color. Electronics all look very similar, put a specific identifying mark or carving on the electronic equipment in an inconspicuous spot, then take a picture to document yourelectronic equipment. There are many times that the police come across stolen items, but do not have a way of identifying the owner of the property.
  • Get to know your neighbors, talk to them and exchange information about suspicious circumstances you have seen in the neighborhood.

It is important for citizens to remain vigilant. If you see something say something.

The Burglaries and Suspects

9/22/10 at approximately 1pm, police received a call at from a woman who was home on Nejako Dr. and saw Adorno attempting to break into the house. The woman stayed on the phone with police updating them as Adorno gained entry into the home. Adorno was apprehended without incident.

Jonathan Adorno age 20

108 Neanda St., New Britian, CT

Charges: Burglary 2nd, Criminal Attempt to commit Burglary 2nd, Possession/Manufacturing of Burglar Tools

Bond: $200,000; Court date: 9/23/10


On 9/22/10 at 12:13pm police officers were dispatched to a home on East Ridge Road, when a resident returned home and heard the toilet flushing. No one was supposed to be at home, so the resident backed out of the house and called the police. The resident observed Oruczadeh exiting the home. Mandeville conspired with Oruczadeah in the commission of the crime and was later located as he fled the scene when officers arrived.

Said Oruczadeh age 23

148 Spring St, Middletown, CT

Charges: Burglary 3rd, Conspiracy to Commit Burglary 3rd, Criminal Mischief 3rd, Conspiracy to Commit Larceny 2nd,

Larceny 2nd

Bond: $150,000; Court Date: 9/23/10

Derek Mandeville age 21


Randolph Rd., Middletown, CT

Charges: Burglary 3rd, Conspiracy to Commit Burglary 3rd, Conspiracy to Commit Larceny 2nd

Bond: $100,000; Court Date: 9/23/10


On 9/21/10 at approximately 1:40pm police were notified by the resident on Saybrook Rd, that Perrucci was attempting to gain access into the home.

Perrucci was located and detained by a detective, while a Middletown Police K-9 tracked from the victim’s home to Perrucci.

Justin Perrucci age 25

10 Rose Cir, Middletown, Ct

Charges: Criminal attempt to commit Burglary 2nd, Burglary 2nd

Bond: $75,000, Court Date: 9/22/10


Anonymous said...

A map or where these are occurring wouldbe helpful. Various locations is vague. There was suspicious porch fire on Ridge road early this month.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the addresses or neighborhoods of the four break-ins? That would be helpful to know -


Anonymous said...

Hopfully they will be prosecuted to the fullest I'm light of the Cheshire home invasion murders intruder crimes should be taken more seriously

Anonymous said...

My home was buglarized on Saturday Sept 18th. No one has been arrested yet. By the addresses listed; this looks widespread over Middletown. Definately write down serial numbers from any electronics and take pictures.

Brian said...

And remember, wait until the burglar is INSIDE your home before you shoot him.

Izzi Greenberg said...

I saw the original press release and the addresses of the crimes were all over the map.