Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things seen in other places

Brattleboro, VT

•gives you an extra five minutes when you buy an hour of parking:

•feels strongly about street trees

•uses the topography to offer unobtrusive parking

Northampton, MA

•has a traffic sign that allows "right on red" for drivers, but reminds them that pedestrians have the right of way:

•has gardener storekeepers:

•has joined the FroYo revolution:

New York City, NY

•has FroYo too...on a truck

New Haven, CT

•is building a pretty new parking garage on Chapel Street (with retail on the first floor!)

Speaking of New Haven, they not only have FroYo, they have Self-Serve FroYo. Middletown doesn't have Froyo -- self-serve or otherwise -- but back in the day, you could unleash the Captain Crunch dispenser over your Soft Serve at MoCon.

But we do have Fred Carroll, who papers my Main Street neighborhood with stick-figure wisdom, often on the topic of coffee, but sometime on other topics too.

One from O'Rourke's:

Two from Klekolo:

No place like home.


Sarah-Jane said...

Love this piece, despite the jealousy it inspired. I only wish you had included some photographs of the fantastic public transit options offered by a few of those fair communities.

Eye M said...

keep up the design reviews...I love them

Rick said...

Dr Carroll....one of Middletown's treasures!

Vette said...

DR Carroll a Middletown Treasure and inspiration Indeed!