Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boardman Lane Subdivision Approved

The Planning and Zoning Commission gave one of the final approvals necessary for the construction of the Army Reserve Training facility last night. The unanimous approval was for a subdivision of an 88 acre lot on Boardman Lane, to allow the Army Corps of Engineers to purchase 52 acres of land and preserve it as open space.

The remaining acreage will be divided into a 4.6 acre lot with the existing 18th century farmhouse and barns, and a 33 acre lot which is mostly "undevelopable land" according to both the owners and City Planner Bill Warner.

The Army approval to built a military base on the former Cucia Park land is predicated on mitigation for wetlands destruction there. Their permit requires them to preserve and enhance these 52 acres on Boardman Lane. James Sakonchick, representing the owners of the land, told the Commission, "We seek ... approval so that we can legally sell that to the Army."

Arline Rich, chair of the Westfield Residents Association, urged approval of the subdivision. Several residents of Boardman Lane attended the meeting to learn about plans for the land, and expressed concerns about the Army's plans, but they left the meeting apparently satisfied with the subdivision.

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