Saturday, September 11, 2010

City Offers Composters For Sale

The City of Middletown is hosting another sale this fall. This year, compost bins and green cones are available. Both of these are used to eliminate food waste in the waste stream and to enrich the soil.
Compost bins are available for $53.50 each and green cones are $108 each. Orders are due at City Hall by October 1 and the bins will be delivered to City Hall on October 11. Customers are responsible for picking up their orders after October 11.

The compost bins are easy to assemble and use. Fruit, vegetable, and grains scraps can be composted and made into nutrient-rich compost. For more information about this compost bin, go to

The green cone can digest almost anything, including cooked meats and vegetables. It is designed with a locking lid and it blocks smells so animals cannot get into it. The green cone uses the sun’s energy and heat to digest food waste into carbon dioxide and water. For more information, go to

To request an order form, call (860)344-3526 or email the Recycling Coordinator Make checks payable to the City of Middletown and mail the check and order form to Middletown Recycling Coordinator, P.O. Box 1300, Middletown, CT 06457 by October 1.

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