Monday, September 13, 2010

Hoopfest 2010 Retrospective

September Art Show at The Buttonwood Tree – “Hoopfest 2010″

** Featuring photographer Tony Donovan **

** Sponsored by the Middletown Commission on the Arts **

Photographs from the basketball games at this summer’s Hoopfest 2010 which were held at the Ray Barnes Memorial Courts on the ground of CT Valley Hospital, in Middletown.

Hoopfest 2010

"All sport is spirited, I suppose that’s why we love it. And for me, basketball has always seemed the most intense and dramatic of our games. My goal with these pictures has been to record some of the drama, effort, the cleverness and grace played out in the games at Hoopfest. It is these elements of character and skill that I wanted to record."

Tony Donovan (July 2010)

The Hoopfest basketball tournament produced each year by Malik Pemberton and his organization, 1FamilyInc., was played this year July 17th and 18th on the grounds of the Connecticut Valley Hospital.

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