Thursday, September 30, 2010

Non Profits Alert.

This crossed through my e-mail today and I thought it was worth publicizing. The IRS reported in a late-July press release that "Small nonprofit organizations at risk of losing their tax-exempt status because they failed to file required returns for 2007, 2008 and 2009 can preserve their status by filing returns by Oct. 15, 2010, under a one-time relief program, the Internal Revenue Service announced today." The October 15 deadline is apparently a one-time Special Filing Relief Program for Small Charities.

A local activist says, "I downloaded and went through all 127 pages for CT. I was amazed. I am hoping that all of you will recognize some group in your town and alert them. There are friends groups, American Legion, Lions, historical societies, cemetery, scholarship, Knights of Columbus, you name it. It takes a few minutes but it may save the day for some worthwhile organization in your town. I was surprised to find important groups in my own."

The link to the CT list is here. It is in alphabetical order, and contains quite a few Middletown organizations.

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