Monday, September 13, 2010

Middlesex Hospital First to Adopt New Technology

Press Release submitted to the Middletown EYE by Middlesex Hospital:

Middlesex Hospital has become the first hospital in the country to adopt a new technology specifically designed to improve patient comfort during stereotactic breast biopsy procedures. The Hologic MultiCare® “Comfort Package” is a collection of ergonomically designed cushions and a new tabletop designed for use with the stereotactic breast biopsy equipment, located in the Radiology Department at the Middlesex Hospital Outpatient Center on Saybrook Road. The cushions provide targeted pressure point support for all body types and make the often uncomfortable procedure much easier for patients to tolerate.

“Patient comfort is always the most challenging aspect of performing breast biopsies,” says Middlesex Hospital Lead Mammographer, Trish Hatin. “But since we added the new comfort package, we rarely hear any complaints at all.”

There are a variety of cushion types that can be used improve a patient’s comfort, no matter what their body type, breast size or where the area in question is located in the chest area. The cushions are constructed from multiple layers of foam covered in soft, leather-like material.

“We tell women about the cushions before they even get on the table, and that seems to really make them happy,” says mammographer, Cynthia Sharr. “I think having the new tabletop with the cushions is the greatest thing we can do for our patients – it just gives them a general sense of well being and comfort.”

In addition to a full range of imaging services for women, including digital mammography, breast MRI and the latest in bone density testing, the Middlesex Hospital Radiology Department offers patients a full array of the highest quality imaging services, including MRI, CT, PET, and ultrasound, at four convenient locations: the main Hospital and the Outpatient Center in Middletown, the Marlborough Medical Center in Marlborough and the Shoreline Medical Center in Essex.

For more information on breast biopsies and the new Comfort Care package, call the Middlesex Hospital Outpatient Radiology Department at (860) 358-2560.

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