Friday, September 17, 2010

MHS Spotlight: BlueTube

Following my BOE meeting report, several individuals wondered what the BlueTube Club was and why it was going to Florida for an extended field trip. I posed those questions to Lauren Pszczolkowski, the club's faculty advisor, and here's her response:

BlueTube is Middletown High School's Television and Film club: these students film Middletown Schools' Community Events, Sporting Events, BOE Meetings, Spotlight on Education Shows and so on. These students have successfully completed 2-3 years of TV/Video course work at MHS and wish to go on to pursue education and jobs in the TV/Film industry.

Middletown High School's BlueTube Television/Film Club will be participating in the Student Television Network's 2010 Convention in Orlando, Florida. This is a national convention for TV/Video students, and much like the national conventions for FFA & DECA, students will attend seminars and exhibits with professionals from the television and film industry, participate in contests, and have the opportunity to meet peers from across the country. Exhibitors include various colleges and universities, equipment professionals as well as professionals from the film and TV industry. For example, last year we participated in a seminar conducted by a special effects specialist from the film AVATAR. Seminars include Writing for TV, Music and Copyrights, Interviews & Techniques, and The Art of Producing Public Service Announcements.

The students participating in the Student Television Convention will have the potential of meeting 23 of the 32 curriculum standards in only 4 days. Students will participate in the Pre-Production, Production and Post Production phases of video production while competing in various TV/Video competitions. Each of these three components involves, research, writing, planning, filming, collaboration, creativity, problem solving, hands-on experience and critique from professionals working in the industry. Students and teachers will be exposed to TV/Video Programs from all over the country, allowing for priceless networking, growth and access to many valuable resources that are typically inaccessible. The entire convention focuses on professionalism and the media’s responsibilities to the public as well as the importance of creativity and self expression through the art of film.

TV/Video Classes have attended trips to NYC, Channel 3 and a VIP tour of ESPN and will continue to tour our local opportunities.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly as I suggested earlier- an academic program supporting a career path with a visit to a National conference. I think we need to give the school some benefit of the doubt that they wouldn't have a TV watching club go on vacation to Florida. It's fair ask the question, but not to presume the worst.