Thursday, September 30, 2010

Loffredo Challenges Resolution to Approve Deputy Chief

Common Council member Vinnie Loffredo, who is also the chairman of the city's Personnel Review Committee has sent a memo to the mayor, and his Common Council colleagues declaring that the resolution to approve Gregory Sneed as Deputy Chief of the Police Department is illegal.

Loffredo's memo:

Dear Colleagues:

As chairperson of the Personnel Review Commission, and with the concurrence of my Democratic council colleagues, I am advising you that at this time and for the following reasons the October 4 Common Council agenda item resolution 9-2  “approving confirming the appointment of Gregory Sneed as Deputy Chief of Police” is NOT in order and is NOT properly placed before the Common Council:

1.       At the Tuesday, September 21 meeting of the Personnel Review Commission, I ruled, as chairperson of the commission, that the commission would move forward with the resolution9-1 dealing with the Chief of Police nomination, and the commission would vet and act on the Deputy Chief position at some future date  after the Common Council has acted on the Mayor’s nomination for Chief of Police.  The committee did review and act  on resolution 9-1 dealing with the Mayor’s nominee, Patrick McMahon, Chief of Police.  The committee took NO action on and did NOT review  the proposed resolution 9-2 “approving confirming the appointment of Gregory Sneed as Deputy Chief of Police”.

2.       Placing  resolution 9-2  our October 4th  meeting agenda violates the special rules and procedures of the council that were adopted  at our organizational meeting of November 17, 2009, and in particular,

 Section I. Agenda and General Meeting Procedures # 3.:

“Any proposed resolutions and ordinances must be reviewed by the appropriate committee and/or commission before being included on the agenda.  Items that have been through committee and/or commission shall have a line at the bottom of the resolution indicating the date it went through committee and a statement as to the financial impact of the action on the City’s general fund and future indebtedness.  The Clerk of the Council shall ensure that each resolution shall have these statements prior to submittal to the council.

In case of an emergency where an item cannot go through committee and/or commission, an individual member of the Council may sponsor the item or the item may come through the Mayor’s office.”

3.       The city has NOT declared a vacancy for the office of Deputy Chief of Police.  There has been NO posting or advertising of this position.    

4.       The City did declare a vacancy for the office of Chief of police.  It was  properly posted, and advertised.  Applications were reviewed and candidates were selected and  tested.  The Mayor made his nomination and has asked for the Common Council’s confirmation. The nominee was vetted at the September 21 of the Personnel Review Commission.  Resolution 9-1 was properly reviewed and discussed by the commission.

Submitted by Councilman Vincent J. Loffredo
Chair of the Personnel Review Commission and with the concurrence of the Democratic members of the Common Council


Anonymous said...

This is quite a joke. First Councilman Leffredo refuses to deal with the DC candidtae that night. Then we see him claiming this is illegal to put forth the resolution. You Councilman made the resolution illegal by refusing to deal with it. Procedural mallarky sir. Next time have the guts to ask the questions and vote him up or down instead of playing these baby games. I am ashamed to call myself a democrat in Middletown. It's time for you to resign sir, after all you do live out of town.

Man of the town said...

This is so typical from councilman Loffredo and the democrats on the council. Again they are not in total power, so this is what we as citizens can expect over the next year or so.

Councilwoman Kleckowski said...

To the Community:

I, Councilwoman Kleckowski, sit on Personnel Review with councilman Loffredo. He indeed is the Chairman, however, the Chairman does NOT have exclusive rights or the privledge, to himself decide to move or not to move any resolution forward. Perhaps much to the chagrin of Councilman Loffredo, a Chair alone cannot "rule" alone. Additionally, the Charter is explicit-councilmatic committees and commissions are ADVISORY only. Most important, it is the privledge and the responsibility of ANY Councilman to bringforth a resolution.

Councilman Loffredo has been apprised that it is well within the perview of ANY councilman to bring a resolution forward. Shame on him for misrepresenting the facts.

To continue-past practice-a vacancy DOES not need to be posted for a hire to be confirmed.

I ask, Councilman Loffredo and the other Democratics, "have you already decided, as a group, that you will not confirm the appointment of the Acting-Chief and the Deputy chief"?

Shame on Councilman Loffredo for attempting to ursurp the ability of councilman to bring resolutions forward. Shame on Councilman Loffredo for attempting to single-handedly "rule" his point of view in a meeting. Shame on Councilman Loffredo for attempting to strong-arm a process which allows for all voices and opinions to be heard. Shame on Councilman Loffredo for behaving in a manner not becoming of a representative of the residents of Middletown. Shame of those Councilman who follow his misguided and manipulitive lead.

Lastly, shame on any and all councilman who have decided not to confirm the Acting-Chief based on personality or personal preferences for another person. Administration of a police department should be the priority NOT politics.

I urge the public to attend the October 4th Council meeting-please voice your opinion, while the public can still speak....before Councilman Loffredo usurps your first admendment rights and responsibilty!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Loffredo, all republicans are trying to do is fill the DC job so there is no choice but to give McMahon the Chief job because they already gave awaty his DC job...does Kleckowski and crew think the public are a bunch of idiots..Dems are correct deal with the Chief position first, if Mcmahon doesnt get it he goes back to DC and there is no job for Snead to fill. If McMahon gets Chief then appoint Snead to DC...