Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fool Me Once, Shaman Me! -- The Colonel Carries On

by N. Bye

Epigraph: “No! No! No! No! No! No! No!” --Joseph Kennedy

“If I have an apple and give it to you, I have no apple. But if I have an idea and share it with you, we both have it.” --Bertrand Russell to the then-young G.E. Moore

My conclusion from that quotation is that cultural appropriation is a positive good, and that plagiarism isn’t a privilege, but a right.

Accordingly, herewith a treasure trove of stolen loot: clickbaits, but with the links sadistically removed.

Naked mole rats can survive in oxygen-free environments.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Concert: The Survivors Swing Band at Russell Library

Jules Bashkin of The Survivors Swing Band.

On Saturday, April 22 at 1:30pm in The Hubbard Room of Russell Library, The Survivors Swing Band will be generating energy and excitement as they play classic melodies from the Swing Era for concert goers listening -- and dancing- pleasure! Bring a dance partner, or come with friends and family to enjoy some of America’s most beloved songs.

The band features musicians from all over Connecticut, each with many years of experience. Lauren Humpage is on bass and vocals; Jeremy Alston on drums; Jules Bashkin on alto sax; Greg Butko on reeds; Bill Steinhauser on banjo and guitar; Dave Mechler on trumpet; and Sandra Wittman on piano. Based in Connecticut, the group plays the classic melodies from an era gone by--hot tunes and soothing ballads of the Swing Era--plus many of the wonderful melodies from the two decades that followed.

Families with children are welcome.  
Sponsored by The Friends of the Russell Library.

Ticks and Lyme Disease Agent Are Abundant This Year

Copied from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture weekly newsletter.

The Tick Testing Program at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) is reporting higher tick abundance and infection with Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease and other tick-borne pathogens this spring throughout Connecticut.

According to program director Dr. Goudarz Molaei, of the more than 450 ticks CAES has received so far this year, nearly 38 percent have tested positive for Lyme disease spirochetes, 10 percent for Babesia microti, the causative agent of babesiosis, and 5 percent for Anaplasma phagocytophilum, the causative agent of human granulocytic anaplasmosis.

The higher tick abundance appears to be related to warmer winter temperatures in Connecticut during the last two years.

The greatest risk of being bitten exists in the spring, summer, and fall. However, adults may be out searching for a host any time winter temperatures are above freezing. Stages most likely to bite humans are nymphs and adult females.

There were 2,553 reported cases of Lyme disease, 286 cases of babesiosis, and 120 cases of human granulocytic anaplasmosis in Connecticut in 2015, the latest data available.

Over the past five years, the Tick Testing Laboratory has received 12,483 ticks from Connecticut residents or health departments for testing. On average, 27 percent tested positive for the Lyme disease agent.

“Although we have yet to reach peak tick activity this spring, adult deer ticks, Ixodes scapularis, are already active and biting residents in greater numbers,” said Dr. Theodore Andreadis, Director of CAES. “At this time of year, personal protection measures and conducting tick checks remain the most effective ways to reduce the risk of tick-borne diseases.”

Lyme disease is the most commonly reported vectorborne disease in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Lyme disease affects an estimated 329,000 people in the U.S. each year and can cause severe damage to joints and the nervous system.

Detailed information about the Tick Testing Laboratory, personal protection measures, tick control measures, and tick-associated diseases can be found at the following websites:

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 19 - 25 at The Buttonwood Tree

605 Main Street / PO Box 71, Middletown, CT 06457 / 860.347.4957

The Painters
Friday, April 21 @ 8pm $12

The Painters return to The Buttonwood Tree with guest artist, Warren Byrd, playing all original music from their upcoming EP, as well as some of Byrd’s own original compositions. Their contemporary jazz music will be brought to new life with Warren’s voice on piano. This will be a great night of music, don’t miss this show!
Featuring: Dan O’Brien – sax, Mike Suddes – guitar, Silvain Castellano – bass, 
George Mastrogiannis – drums, with Warren Byrd – piano

Saturday, April 22 @ 8 pm $15

Say: “TET-trup-tick:” a four-paneled painting where each panel can stand on its own. Grounded in the lineage of the modern jazz saxophone quartet, Tetraptych brings a breathing conversant quality to the music, where movement, playfulness, sensitivity, and deep groove are ever-present in an openhearted chemistry.
Featuring: Hery Paz – tenor saxophone, Bert Seager – piano, Max Ridley – bass, Dor Herskovits – drums

Pieces of the Moment Artist Reception
Sunday, April 23 @ 3 - 5 pm 
“Pieces of the Moment” abstract collages by Bruce Blackman. 100% of proceeds go to the performing art center. Come and support this great nonprofit culture center.
Bruce Blackman is a visual artist from New Britain CT. He works with abstract collages made from dryer lint and other elements. Inspiration comes from: Nature, People, Music, and art history. He is active with the Art League of New Britain and also shows art at Gallery 53 in Meriden, and Gallery on the Green in Canton

Other Great Events this Week

Aligned with Source
Saturday, April 22 @ 10:30 am - noon $5
Topic: Bringing Divine Grace into Your Life
A Spiritual & Holistic Healer from India, Annaita seeks to empower, sharing her deep understanding of life, holism and spirituality, enabling you to rise above life’s challenges, live a healthy, fulfilled & confident life.

Anything Goes Open Mic and Moments of Gratitude
Monday, April 24 @ 7-10 pm $5
Sign ups start at 6:30 pm. Come share your talents and gratitude with us!

Intentional and Empowering Yoga
Tuesday, April 25 @ 1-2 pm Donations welcomed
Theresa Govert leads fun, accessible and supportive Hatha Yoga class.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bysiewicz Exploring A State Senate Campaign

Susan Bysiewicz has announced that she is considering running again for elected office, "I am filing papers to form an exploratory committee to run for the 13th Senate District."  Republican Len Suzio currently represents the district, he was elected last November, defeating incumbent Danté Bartolomeo.

Bysiewicz, a Democrat, said she had been encouraged to run by people in each of the towns and cities in the district: Cheshire, Meriden, Middlefield, and Middletown.

Bysiewicz represented Middletown and Middlefield as a State Legislator for three terms, and represented the state as the Secretary of the State also for three terms. She ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senator in 2012, losing in the primary to Chris Murphy. Bysiewicz is currently an attorney in private practice.

Bysiewicz said that last November's election spurred her to consider serving again, "I saw what extremist views Mr. Suzio holds." She said the contrast between the views of Suzio and those of his constituents was very stark.

She said that the three most important issues for her were job creation, the environment, and reproductive rights.

She said she would bring her Secretary of the State experience as chief business registrar for the state, and her more recent experience as a business lawyer to focus effectively on job creation in central Connecticut, "I bring a strong record of job creation as a public servant and in the private sector."

On jobs and the environment, she contrasted her record with that of Suzio's record of "bankruptcy, stiffed consumers, .... and environmental disasters," associated with his failed log cabin business in Great Barrington (Vito’s toxic venture: The story of New England Log Homes).

Bysiewicz said she had fought as a state legislator to protect an existing state law that guarantees a woman's right to privacy in her reproductive decisions. Suzio has introduced a bill in this year's legislative session to cut back on this right, and he has faced overwhelming opposition at his town halls (Suzio Ducks and Defends, In His Attacks On Abortion Access).

Bysiewicz said, "He didn't realize there are thousands of women in his district who have different views."

Cat Tales ~ Cat of the Week ~ JAZZY!

Breed:Domestic Short Hair
Color:Black & White
Age:4 years old

I'm a very sweet girl, love to be pet and purr when you pet me. I'm FIV+ but it's ok. I need to be  kept healthy and need yearly vet exams, just like any other cat. Humans cannot catch this, and it is very hard for other cats to catch. I'm very healthy and can live just as long as any other cat. I prefer a quiet home without any other cats. I need a patient, cat experienced person who will give me time to adjust. I've been so patient but I'm waiting for my forever home too - is it with you? Please adopt me today!

No DogsNo ChildrenFIV

Phone:  (860) 344-9043
See our commercial!

Matt Lesser To Explore Statewide Elected Office

The New York Times profiled
Lesser in an article about protecting
teacher retirement funds
This morning Matt Lesser announced that he is exploring a run for Secretary of the State.

Lesser moved to our city to attend Wesleyan. He has been representing the City's 100th district in Hartford since 2008. A previous representative of this district, Susan Bysiewicz, served as Secretary of the State until 2011.

Lesser has a progressive record as a legislator. He has been a national leader in writing legislation to regulate the financial industry with respect to student loans and teacher retirement funds.

He has also been a strong advocate for the environment, and was named the 2015 Legislative Champion by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters.

His announcement is below.

#notnormal: Environmental talk at Wesleyan this week

Please join Wesleyan Professor Brian Stewart for his 10th Annual Earth Week Rant, #notnormal: understanding change and demanding action.  It will be held twice: Wednesday at 7 p.m., and Thursday at noon at two different locations on the Wesleyan campus (see announcement below for details). 
In Brian's words, we find ourselves in a situation that feels abnormal, wishing for a normalcy (real or imagined) of either the recent or the not-so-recent past.  Why is this an abnormal age?  Is normalcy just around the corner, or are we on the cusp of an even more abnormal future?  I will argue that a surprisingly simple, nature-oriented way of organizing the information that deluges us can help us to make decisions as we navigate a murky future.  The body politic is awakening from a long slumber just in time to internalize this nature-centric approach and to demand a like awareness on the part of its elected representatives.

P.S.  Those of a certain age will recall George C. Scott as Patton in “the war movie for people who hate war movies”.  I’m no George C. Scott, but I think of this talk as “the environmental lecture for people who hate environmental lectures”.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Dog Opens Doors, Escapes Animal Hospital--The Colonel Carries On #80

by Nazzo Much

Epigraph: “The inhabitants are subjugated. They cry for mercy. There is nothing but devastation for thirty miles in every direction.” --William Tecumseh Sherman, responding to General Grant’s concern that Southern civilians might not be subjugated, only pretending, with the aim of getting food from Sherman’s supplies to give to Confederate soldiers and prolong their guerilla operations.

Epigraph 2: “I stood by him when he was drunk, and he stood by me when I was crazy. Now we stand together always.” --William Tecumseh Sherman (referring to General Grant)

Epigraph 3: "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"
J. Robert Oppenheimer, Trinity 1945.

The first thing is to share this:
Triumph is sometimes quiet and not noticed till later.

Daffodil Day At Wadsworth Mansion, Sunday.

From Deborah Moore, Executive Director, Wadsworth Mansion.
The Wadsworth Mansion will host their annual spring event: Daffodil Day-on Sunday, April 23rd, from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill Estate, 421 Wadsworth Street,.

This family event will be held rain or shine and there is no charge for admission, although donations are welcome and appreciated.

A plethora of indoor and outdoor activities include:

• 1:00-3:30 Docent Tours

• 1:15 Variety Comedy show with Mr. Bungles

• 1:30 - 3:30 Vernal Pool Exploration with Lucy Meigs of Everyone Outside

• 2:00 “Daffodil Dash” a Field Day for the whole family

• 2:30 Live music performance with Cash Lane Slim in West Ballroom

• 3:00 Letterboxing lesson

• 3:00 “Who The Wadsworths Were” historical chronicle in East Ballroom

Join in the fun of our Annual “Daffodil Dash,” a mini-Olympiad of classic Wadsworth Era games! Competitors of all ages should be prepared to hop, leap, toss, and race their way across the vista beginning at 2:00. For those satisfied with their blue ribbon collections, this will be a spectator sport. Start putting together your teams (families, friends, neighbors) to compete and become the Daffodil Dash Champions! If you want to participate, you may pre-register your team at or register on the day from 1:30-2:00, until contest is full.

You do NOT need to pre-register to participate.

Chet’s Italian Ice, NoRA Cupcakes, Mercado Food Truck, Frank’s Woodfired Pizza Truck, and Not Just BBQ Truck will tantalize visitors with delicious fare sold from their food trucks. Bring your appetite and grab a bite!

At 1:15pm in the East Ballroom, Mr. Bungles will entertain children with a fun variety show including comedy routines, magic, juggling, music, games, and balloons. Goody bags will be available for children who attend.

Afterwards a bubble station on the terrace will include a machine that shoots out hundreds of bubbles a minute, wands of all sizes, and super-strong, proprietary bubble fluid that can make bubbles up to 10 feet long!

Lucy Meigs of Everyone Outside ( will be at the Vernal Pool on the east side of the mansion to show the amazing creatures found in vernal pools at this time of year including frogs, salamander eggs, tadpoles, salamanders, insect larvae, and more! Viewing scopes will be available. Come visit the vernal pool any time between 1:30 and 3:30 PM.  At 3:00 there will be a lesson in Letterboxing.

Enjoy live music in the West Ballroom at 2:30 by Cash Lane Slim, an acoustic hybrid guitarist and vocalist; a songwriter in the American experience. His musical styling will take you on a trip through the heart of Americana with a blend of folk, rock, blues, and more.

Ongoing throughout the afternoon, docents from the Friends of Long Hill Estate will lead guided tours of the Mansion providing a narrative that details the history of the estate. Furniture donated by the Wadsworth Family will be on display in the History Room. Additionally at 3:00, a special history lesson on “Who The Wadsworths Were” will be given in the East Ballroom.

Guests are encouraged bring a kite to fly on the vista, enjoy independently the 103 acres of parklands and view the daffodils that will bloom sometime in April assuring us all that spring has finally arrived.

Information will be available at the Wadsworth Mansion by calling (860) 347-1064 or visiting

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Holy Week at First Church in Middletown

         Good Friday - 7pm.  Easter Sunday - 10am.          Soulful and Welcoming.  Open and Affirming.
Halleluah! Chorus Finale.

First Church in Middletown. 190 Court Street.
Middletown, CT.   860-346-6657.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Big Weekend at The Buttonwood Tree

605 Main Street / PO Box 71, Middletown, CT 06457

Joe List, Comedian
Thursday, April 13 @ 8 pm $20
Joe List has been featured on Conan and The Late Show with David Letterman. In 2015 List was a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and had his own Half Hour comedy special on Comedy Central. His albums ‘So Far No Good’ and ‘Are You Mad at Me?’ can be heard regularly on Sirius Radio. List is also the co-host of his own popular weekly podcast ‘Tuesdays with Stories’ as well as being a regular on Robert Kelly’s ‘You Know What Dude’ podcast. In 2016 he traveled across the United States and Europe opening for Louis CK on his international tour which included three performances at Madison Square Garden. When not headlining comedy clubs all over North America, List is a regular at the Comedy Cellar in New York City.
Purchase tickets here
OR Call 860-347-4957 to reserve your seat

Charles and Khalif Neville
Friday, April 14 @ 8 pm $20 Reservations Suggested
This father / son duo is a rare treat to witness, and an extraordinary event in the intimate space of The Buttonwood Tree.
Charles, the second oldest Neville brother, has the most diverse musical background. His experience on saxophone has included rhythm & blues, funk, jazz, be-bop, popular and even American Indian music. 
Khalif Neville, son of famed New Orleans Jazz musician Charles Neville, has come into his musical own. His personal musical endeavors are far and wide, but he has a deep rooted love for Jazz, particularly solo Jazz piano.
Purchase tickets here
OR call 860-347-4957 to reserve your seat

The Kennedys
Saturday, April 15 @ 8 pm $20 Reservations Suggested
Pete and Maura Kennedy return for a lively, fun acoustic folk pop show. 
Pete and Maura Kennedy, both East Coast natives, met in Austin, Texas, joined forces with Nanci Griffith’s Blue Moon Orchestra for a couple of years, and set out on a road that, for two decades, has led them not only west but all over the US and the UK many times. This year, they celebrate their twentieth anniversary both as a band and a married couple. Rather than indulge in a nostalgic look backward, they’ve taken Dylan’s dictum “don’t look back” to heart; writing and recording forty new songs.
Purchase tickets here
OR call 860-347-4957 to reserve your seat

Ann Sweeten Steinway Pianist 
Sunday, April 16 @ 7 pm $20
After nearly 20 years of enamoring audiences on the Concert stage and on Radio/Internet Airwaves, Ann Sweeten’s signature style is recognized world-wide and now her new album, Where Butterflies Dance is without question her most ambitious and successful to date. Will Ackerman, co-producer, had this to say: "There is no greater compliment I can give any musician than to say they have their own artistic voice. They are uniquely themselves and bring something utterly their own to the world. Ann Sweeten is one of those rare musicians. The grace one associates with Ann’s performance has been matched by what I believe are the best melodies of her career. At a time when many artists might choose to coast on their notoriety, Ann has raised the bar considerably and we, the listeners, are the beneficiaries of her ambition and skill. Really brilliant."
Purchase tickets here
OR call 860-347-4957 to reserve your seat

Other Great Events This Week

Step Into the Vortex
Tuesday, April 11 @ 7:30-9 pm $5
Anne-Marie & Mike McEwen offer leading edge information about the Law of Attraction, according to Abraham ( Videos will be shown, Q & A, meditation and audience participation. Learn how to make the most of your life through deliberate intention and positive focus.

Aligned with Source
Saturday, April 15 @ 10:30 am-noon $5
Topic: Saying No
A Spiritual & Holistic Healer from India, Annaita seeks to empower, sharing her deep understanding of life, holism and spirituality, enabling you to rise above life’s challenges, live a healthy, fulfilled & confident life. 

Anything Goes Open Mic and Moments of Gratitude
Monday, April 17 @ 7-10 pm $5
Come share your talent and gratitude with us! Sign up starts at 6:30 pm

Intentional and Empowering Yoga
Tuesday, April 18 @ 1-2 pm Donations welcomed
Theresa Govert leads a fun, accessible and supportive Hatha Yoga class that brings awareness to breathe, intention to movement and an emphasis on inner wisdom and body positivity. Leave feeling connected and empowered!

Visit to learn more

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cat Tales ~ Cat of the Week ~ OLIVER

Cat Tales ~ Cat of the Week 

Gender:  Male
Breed:  Domestic Short Hair
Color:  Buff
Age:  5 years old

Hello, My name is Oliver. I’ve had a pretty rough life and I'm so happy that I now have a safe, warm place to stay at Cat Tales. I like to be pet and I like when volunteers talk and socialize with me. I love laying in the sunlight to give myself some "me" time. I'm a lap cat to some of the volunteers here. I do have stomatitis (inflammation in my mouth which can be sore at times) and need to have regular vet checkups. Sometimes I need medicine to help me feel better.  A patient, cat experienced person who'll give me time to adjust to a new home is what I'm looking for. I’m a really sweet boy who is ready to soak up all the love someone is ready to give and would be OK sharing my new home with another non-dominant cat. Come meet me and see how sweet I can be! 

Special Needs / No Dogs

Phone:  (860) 344-9043
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