Monday, September 20, 2010

Individual Responds to Middletown Police Arrest Report

Hello. I understand that this is a little late to reply to the article that I am going to reply too but it was just brought to my attention that it was posted in the eye. I knew it was posted in the Middletown Press and responded to that one right away. The article I am refering to is below:

Arrests Reported During Operation Expanded Shield

From the Middletown Police Department:

On Thursday, July, 1, 2010 the Middletown Police Department put into motion, Operation: Expanded Shield.  During this operation the Middletown Police Department worked in conjunction with the Connecticut State Police- State Wide Narcotics Task Force (North Central Office), the Connecticut Department of Parole and the DEA.

The purpose of Operation: Expanded Shield was to provide and omnipresence through the city of Middletown by having our specialized units return to the streets.  While increasing the police presence we addressed quality of life issues, traffic enforcement, warrant service, sexual offender compliance and overall law enforcement.

This article was posted on Saturday July 3rd 2010.  I am Joshua Ramos one of those who was listed as being arrested. I am not happy about this being posted because although the original chargers were in fact drug related it was because I trusted my brother to be my roomate and in turn I got arrested. I came home from work one day to find him and the drugs on my livingroom table and police officers were walking by at the same time I opened my front door. The things that I were charged with were because I came home at the wrong time and because the apartment was in my name.  I complied with the officers and everything they wanted and in turn I had to take drug classes and appear back in court to show proof that I completed the drug classes. I had moved within the year and my change of address was never made in the court system and I never recieved the information on when I was suppose to return to court.  However, when the police went to my mother's home I took the paper work with me and went down to the station and they arrested me.
I guess my point of writing this is that I don't like that my address is in the paper because I have a 2 yr old son and his mother who live in the house.  I almost lost my house because of the newspaper article and I DID lose my job working with children. I was arrested for something I didn't do and the chargers were dropped. I never had a court date to appear on 7/13/10 like the paper said because the chargers were dropped the minute they saw my paper work. 
I am appalled that the police just added me to the list because they wanted to their movement of Operation Shield Expansion to look like it was some big project.  I mean my original time to return to court was in May so why in July, 2 months later, were they going around looking for me? They did it to make it look like this project was bigger than it really was. All of this would have never happened to me if the court system took the change of my address when I sent it in to them. 
Joshua Ramos

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HEATHER said...

I commend you. I can only imagine the difficulty you endured throughout this ordeal. Of those unjustly arrested, regardless of the law implying one is innocent until proven guilty, many are treated as criminals by SOMEONE and bear unfair consequences, such as you did, in losing your job.
It takes guts to stand up for yourself, especially when you find yourself under a biased spotlight. But then, you always perform well under the spotlight. ;-)

Sticky as it may sometimes be, sorting criminals from the non, there must be some way to prevent innocent bystanders from consequences that should be reserved solely for the true lawbreakers.

A loyal Middletown Eye Reader,