Monday, September 13, 2010

Who You Gonna Call (when you need an accordion ASAP)

One can often find John Basinger sampling the music at The Buttonwood Tree, but on Sunday, Sept 5th he was moved to dancing to the exciting sounds of The Underscore Orkestra. When asked to say a few words about the night, this was his response:
The Underscore Orkestra, a fabulous Klezmer--Balkan--American fusion band from Portland, Oregon, filled The Buttonwood Tree to overflowing last Sunday night, delighting all with modern and centuries-old ethnic music made immediately present. Their invitation to get up and dance moved some to leap to their feet and create some highly original patterns as the violinist gypsied up an Eastern European storm. The feature of the first half however was a duet between said violinist and a slender, supple belly dancer in a show entitled, "Revel Me", who engaged herself with two rippling gauze fans in a tantalizing game of now-you-see-me-now-you-don't! The evening was saved from disaster when the group's accordion broke and the quick thinking staff of The Buttonwood Tree called Mike Arafeh at The Coffeehouse Recording Studio. Five minutes later Mike walked through the door with a replacement, the accordionist buckled herself in and the show went on.
It was a fun-filled night for all present and many folks enjoyed their first taste of The Buttonwood Tree. They also got to taste some baked goods (Thanks to O'Rourke's Diner), and Slambovian coffee. The Slambovians will be coming in November - but you can sample their fine coffee at future events. The Underscore Orkestra will come through this area again, as they continue on their tour of the East Coast, and stop at La Paloma in Hartford, this Wednesday Sept 15th at 7 pm.


Jane Harris said...

It was a rare treat to hear these bright, versatile musicians and to watch the dancing -- of both the professional and the non-pro. I might have joined them if I hadn't been confined in the middle of a snug row of seats.

The Underscore Orkestra is definitely worth a trip to Hartford, if you missed them in Middletown.

Thanks to Richard Kamins for alerting us to this show!

Townie said...

Much of Middletown is oblivious to how incredible it is to have Buttonwood Tree here. The rest of Connecticut knows, but we don't seem to appreciate its value as a regional arts venue like we should...yet.