Sunday, October 23, 2011

Candidate Profile: Jon Pulino for Treasurer (R)

The below information is a part of the Eye's Elections 2011 series to provide information to voting citizens and does not represent any endorsement by the Middletown Eye or any of its authors.

Jon Pulino is seeking a first term as City Treasurer of Middletown, CT. Previously Mr. Pulino has served one term on the Middletown Board of Assessment Appeals and currently sits on the town's Zoning Board of Appeals committee as well as Chairperson the Cable Advisory Board.

Occupation: Currently teachers English Literature at Maloney High School in Meriden, Connecticut where besides teaching five daily classes, he has been elected building representative for the Meriden Board of teacher four years in a row. Mr. Pulino holds the following educational credentials: English certification state of Connecticut (015); Certified Media Specialist (062); Educational Leadership Certification/6th year degree (Scheduled Completion date Spring 2013). Besides teaching full time in Meriden, Mr. Pulino works for the Wesleyan Upward Bound Program in Middletown and the New Britian Rock Cats organization, a double AA affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.

Education- Mr. Pulino holds a Bachelors of Science in Communication and Bachelors of Arts Degree from Eastern Connecticut State University (1994/1995). He also holds a Masters in Educational Technology from Central Connecticut State University (2007) as well as 30 credits past his Masters. His earlier education includes earning an Associate Degree from Middlesex Community College in 1992 and a member of Xavier High School's class of 1989.

Political Offices Held: Chairperson of the Middlesex Cable Advisory Board (2009-Present); Zoning Board of Appeals (2009-Present), and Board or Assessment Appeals 2007-2009.

Civic Organizations: Italian American Civic Organization (2005-Present); Washington Lodge No. 70 Windsor, and American Federation of Teachers.

Volunteer: Comcast Cable - Host of “The Edge”: a political satire program that deals with local political issues since 1998 and co-host of “The Variety Hour” with Billy Wilson since 2007.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Eye for the coverage on all town events.

Note: If one wants to see more of my platform, please visit the "Jon For Treasurer 2012"page off of my normal FB page. I do take opposing view if they are clean and logical.

-Jon Pulino