Friday, October 28, 2011

Beautiful Notes at The Buttonwood Tree

Kathy and Keith, a husband and wife duo calling themselves Kin'rede Spirits, played some pretty tunes last night at TBT. Their guitar and bass instrumental music was thoughtful, playful and pleasantly soothing. The audience was not large in number, but they were filled with appreciation for the congenial couple from New Hampshire. Kathy and Keith were equally, if not more appreciative, for the warm welcome they received from all, and for the wonderful space and good energy they felt in the old Arriwani Hotel. The ambiance of the space lends itself well to the friendly spirit of the volunteers, patrons and performers. One patron had a guest visiting her from out of state. She knew a visit to TBT would be a nice way to spend the evening, and it surely was!

Saturday, a workshop for enlightenment and empowerment, "Aligned with Source" starts at 10:30. Every week Annaita Gandhy leads this informal group, including a short meditation. This week's topic: Wonders of the Human Body. Its over by 12:30 and the bookstore will remain open until 4 pm. Bill Revill's paintings of Land and Sea is still up for a few more days of viewing.

At 6:30pm, the Riverwood Poetry folks will have their annual Halloween Bash, so come in costume if you like! Food donations are collected for Amazing Grace Food Pantry.

Children's books are being collected for the United Way - drop off anytime TBT is open.

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