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Mother & Daughter Candidates: Linda Salafia & Molly Salafia

Candidate profiles: as a courtesy The Middletown Eye will publish candidate profiles unedited in the order received.

Linda Salafia (R) for Common Council:

There are few people running for Common Council that understand finances and government like Linda Salafia. Salafia said, “ I believe that my experience working for the City will allow me to bring an understanding of how the various departments function to the table. I would like to believe that I’m prudent, realistic, and practical.”

Born in Maine, Linda came to Connecticut with her parents because of the better economic climate here at the time; her dad taught school in Portland for many years and her mom worked at Wesleyan. Linda graduated from Portland High School and then earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Vermont. During college vacations and summer, she worked for Mallove Jewelers on Main Street, where she met her husband of 31 years. The Salafia family will be busy this fall as daughter, Molly, is running for the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission.

Linda worked as a psychiatric aide at the Institute of Living in Hartford for several years. After earning a Certificate of Accounting from Morse School of Business, Linda then took a book keeping job with Joe Cartelli, Ed Bogdan, and Bob Curtain at the former Insurance and Real Estate Center.

In 1987, Linda started work with the City of Middletown in the Tax Collector’s office, then several positions in the Finance Department before moving to the position of Payroll/Pension Supervisor 13 years ago. Linda retires this Spring.

Linda has been very active in her union and has been elected to serve in various leadership capacities for the American Federation of State, Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 466 whom are also endorsing Linda. She is currently Vice President of the Local. Salafia has been part of bargaining negotiations over the years and understands the need for balance and respect on both sides of the table.

Linda is a member of Polish Falcons, Nest 519 and the Family Campers and Rvers’- a group that promotes conservation, family recreation, and volunteerism.

Questions to Mrs. Salafia can be directed to:

Linda has written several letters to the various media outlets speaking out against injustices in City politics and government this past fall. Please click below to read

Planning and Zoning Candidate: Molly Salafia, Associate AIA, LEED GA (R) & Realistic Balance

Molly Salafia brings a strong professional background to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Salafia is an architectural designer and job captain at an architectural firm in New Haven. She believes everyone deserves a safe place to live and it should be a right, not a privilege.

“My goal is to open people’s minds and to challenge preconceived ideas so that Middletown can grow.”, said Salafia, who has a Master’s Degree in Architecture, and minors in Visual Arts & Art & Architectural History from Roger Williams University.

“I hope my training and experience will be helpful to smart growth and prosperity for Middletown.”

Salafia wants to preserve open space in Middletown, work on a plan to develop the riverfront that engages residents in a dedicated public space, and bring the right kind of development to the riverfront area. Salafia wants to preserve the nostalgia and vitality of Main Street, but also help spread that vitality to other parts of town. Molly believes that the only way to keep Middletown economically sound for all residents is to let new companies know “Middletown is open for business.”

Molly also serves of the Design Review and Historic Preservation Board for Middletown.

She has served as Chapter President of the American Institute of Architecture Students and is recipient of the Alpha Rho Chi Medal, given to 1 student in every graduating architecture class. Salafia is certified in Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Green Associate. Molly is also an active member of Middletown Kiwanis Club, a club dedicated to community service. This fall Molly is taking on politics following in her relatives’, former Councilman Jesse Salafia & the late Phil Salafia’s foot steps.

Along the campaign trail, Molly & Linda have organized MRTC’s collection of items for Catales, Amazing Grace, and the group’s participation in CROP Walk. Molly grew up at her parents’ home in South Middletown and now enjoys living in the Village District in her own fixer-upper. Molly is thrilled to be cross endorsed by the Realistic Balance Party.

Questions to Molly can be directed to:

Salafia has published several pieces in local media outlets as well including the Press & Eye further detailing her goals & beliefs about the "Third Industrial Revolution" if elected:

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