Sunday, October 23, 2011

Politics Roundup

Election Day is November 8th – voting is an important civic duty. Below is a list of links to our past recent articles specifically related to the upcoming elections. This is to highlight recent election-related Eye posts to make them easier to find for readers who may have missed seeing them or for any voters wishing to obtain information about the candidates or issues. We encourage voters to educate themselves using all resources available. Links to all past Eye articles are always available on the right side of the page in the section called “Blog Archive” toward the bottom.

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Oct 22 - Councilman Reacts to Courant Cartoon

Oct 21 - Mayoral Debate Play-By-Play

Oct 21 - Wesleyan Hills Debate Tuesday Evening

Oct 21 - Candidate Profile: Joe Bibisi (R) For Common Council

Oct 21 - Candidate Profile: Ed McKeon (D) for Board of Education

Oct 20 - Suzio Endorses Giuliano For Mayor

Oct 20 - Mayoral Debate Tonight

Oct 20 - Candidate Profile: Ed Dypa (R) For Common Council

Oct 20 - Candidate Profile: Ron Borrelli Alternate P & Z

Oct 18 Letter In Support Of David Bauer

Oct 18 Letter in Support of Jon Pulino For Treasurer

Oct 18 (A Different) Letter In Support Of Jon Pulino For Treasurer

Oct 17 Mayoral Debate and Candidates Forum Scheduled This Week and Next

Oct 17 What Happens in College...Stays in College?

Oct 17 Ron Klattenberg - Candidate for Common Council – Statement

Oct 17 An Appeal To All Voters

Older article links can be found in last week's roundup: Politics: The Weekly Roundup of Articles

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Middletown Duo said...

The ballot is available here on the Secretary of State website (Elections and Voting --> Voter Resources -> 2001 Town Ballots):