Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Winter Tasting at Klekolo World Coffee

Why not take a break from the Middletown municipal election season, and come sample the Winter menu at Klekolo World Coffee on Court Street!

Here's the info, from Klekolo's Facebook page:

What: An Evening of Decadence
When: Wednesday, October 19, 6 to 9 pm
Why: This special night features a sampling menu of new and exotic drinks(some seasonal, some new additions to the menu and some limited edition drinks) designed by barista Bryan Giles.We hope you and your taste buds will be in attendance.

Here's the menu for the evening:

Espresso D' Azteca(Espresso,Cinnamon,Cayenne)
Specialty Drinks
Back To Y(Blackberry,Gingerbread,Chocolate)
Glory Days(White chocolate,Gingerbread,Orange)
Blonde RedHead(Strawberry,Hazelnut,White chocolate)
Zinger(Raspberry,White chocolate,Coconut)
Sexy Carrot(White chocolate,Peach,Cayenne)
Out Of The Doghouse(Chocolate,Strawberry,Rose)
Linzor Torte(Speculoos,Raspberry,Strawberry,Toasted Marshmallow)
Headless Horseman (Spicy Pumpkin Pie Latte)
Beans & Cows
Turkish Delight(Rose,Pistachio,Caramel)
The Fluffy Cow a.k.a Cloud Nine(Lavender,Vanilla,Peppermint)
Maple Bean(Maple,Chestnut,Ginger)
The Pensive(White chocolate,Caramel,Ginger)

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