Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Letter In Support Of Jon Pulino For Treasurer

The below information is a part of the Eye's Elections 2011 series to provide information to voting citizens and does not represent any endorsement by the Middletown Eye or any of its authors.
I have been asked to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Jonathan Pulino, and I am pleased to do so. I have known Mr. Pulino for more than six years and feel comfortable offering a personal and professional reference. Jon is a very bright, capable, and dedicated educator. He is calm, good-natured, and a loving father of two. He is also, without question, conscientious, self-motivated, and honest.
Jon has worked as a public school teacher since 1999, beginning at Pulaski Middle School in New Britain, Connecticut. He is currently employed with the Meriden Public Schools. Throughout his 12 years of teaching Jon has continued to further his education by completing his 062 and 015 state certificates. In short, by any measure he is a model educator and citizen who will reflect well upon any organization with which he might be associated.

Jon is also very well rounded. He is currently serving as Chairman of the Cable Advisory Board while continuing to host a monthly public access show titled “The Edge”. As is reflected in his professional resume, Jon has been and remains active in his community in both elected and appointed capacities. I trust you will agree that his many accomplishments in this area demonstrate two things: First, that he takes a genuine interest in the serious matters associated with civic affairs; secondly, that he has earned the respect and admiration of the opinion leaders of his community. Taken together, I believe this speaks very well of Jon’s professional potential and places him head-and-shoulders above most of his peers.

If I may be of further service to you or wish to speak to me about this recommendation I encourage you to speak to me directly. Otherwise, I urge you to give Mr. Pulino the highest possible consideration for the office of city treasurer.

Very truly yours,

Ryan Kennedy

Middletown Board of Education

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