Friday, October 21, 2011

Candidate Profile: Joe Bibisi (R) For Common Council

I have been honored to be your representative to the Common Council for the last 12 years. During these difficult times I have opposed the tax increases and unreasonable budgets. this is not as time for gov't to spend foolishly. This is why I have worked against bloated budgets, working to restore our riverfront (Mattabasset), develop small businesses, and offer our young people productive activities to channel their talents (Salvation Army program/Green St Arts). As elected officials, we must set an example that tax dollars are precious and spend only on what is truly essential and benefits our Citizens -public safety, education, econ. devel., services for our seniors. We must demand accountability and performance from our educational system - parents, treachers and students. We must work towards long-range planning to keep Middletown attractive to new families and businesses. I pledge to do everything I can to make Middletown even better. Together, we can make this happen - a message from Joe Bibisi, councilman.

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