Monday, October 31, 2011

Wesleyan Argus & Election Articles of Note

Off the more traveled path of web reading this week besides the Press, the Patch, & the Eye, the Wesleyan Argus & blog have had articles pertaining to similar election issues regarding registration of students to vote locally. With the issues this surrounding the registration of students and use of a p.o box vs. a physical address that took place earlier this week, several news sources have published articles of note about the issue. Ben Forshiem, president of the Wesleyan Democrats wrote a response to the letter by Eye writer & candidate Molly Salafia. Forshiem's response is published in the Wesleyan Argus & on the Middletown Patch that can be found here. Forshiem also elaborated in more detail in addition to his letter about his thoughts and stated he agreed with another commenter in a response to the issue on the blog here.

BOE candidate and Eye write Ed McKeon wrote a response on the blog, an independent student run blog a commentary on the issue worth reading. It can be found here:

Eye writer and Wesleyan Biology Professor Stephen Devoto (Fishmuscle) wrote an article discussing student voters, and also asking them to take a closer look at 3 municipal candidates- all of which are locally running as Republicans ( Sebastian Giuliano, Debra Kleckowski, and Molly Salafia) he praised and asked readers to take a look at because "I think deserve strong consideration from left-leaning voters."

Salafia, McKeon, Devote, & Forshiem all discuss the same issue of voting locally from different perspectives. Forshiem, who is a student, wants students to vote locally. Interestingly,Salafia, McKeon, & Devoto, the Eye notes, all are in consensus regarding Wesleyan students voting in their current city of Middletown. All three approach this in a similar way; they support college student's of Middletown voting in the municipal elections so long as they educate themselves with the relevant local issues. While each response to the issue is unique pointing out various ramifications; all three advocate researching all candidates to better understand not only the needs of their university that the candidates propose to meet, but also how the candidate will meet the needs of the other citizens of Middletown.

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