Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Letter In Support Of David Bauer

The below information is a part of the Eye's Elections 2011 series to provide information to voting citizens and does not represent any endorsement by the Middletown Eye or any of its authors.
My name is Hazel Mary Tomaszewski and I am writing to urge all of Middletown’s citizenry to re-elect Councilman David Bauer to Middletown’s City Council. I had a chance to meet Councilman Bauer this past Saturday 10/15 at St. Mary’s fundraiser dinner. I believe that character counts in a person and from what I discerned that night, Councilman Bauer has a sterling character. Not only did he clear our table at the end of the evening, but he also found my hat that I had dropped on my way out and made sure it was returned to me. It’s the little things in life that matter to people like myself. I find these things very telling about a person.
Hazel Mary Tomaszewski

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Anonymous said...

David is the best! He votes for what is right and not always along party lines and he takes his fiduary responsiblity seriously.

I want a David Bauer sign for my lawn. Any idea where I can get one?