Monday, October 24, 2011

Traveling Circus Company Making the Rounds

In August, seven of Oddfellows Playhouse’s Traveling Circus students attended the American Youth Circus Organization Festival.

"The AYCO festival gives Oddfellows' students a chance to be exposed to youth circus participants from around the country. It is an eye opening and educational opportunity for our students to see what other young people are learning and doing. It also gives them a chance to perform in front of this audience and show just what Oddfellows' Circus program is all about,” said Matt Pugliese, Oddfellows’ Executive Director. "I made friends and tried new things. Moreover, the exposure to circus skills and social cohesion is already helping me succeed now that I'm back home. Plus, the specific ideas, tricks, and approaches learned in my workshops will definitely make our traveling show more dynamic,” said Rebecca Weir, circus student and AYCO attendee. Richard Carnegie III added, “There was never a dull moment - every second of the trip was filled with excitement and fun. This AYCO trip was the greatest experience so far in my life."

Current circus students Zach Moller-Marino, Rachel Calter, Rebecca Weir, Richard Carnegie III, Denzel Dempsey, Evan Knoll, and Malaika King attended along with recent graduates and Summer Circus Staff members, Christopher Wilkins and Rob Grimm. They were accompanied by Dic Wheeler, Ethan Zukas and Joel Melendez.

Photo by Joel Melendez.

The Traveling Circus Company will premiere its new show this week!
Fri., Oct. 28 and Sat., Oct. 29.
Performances are at 7:30.

Adults $15 Students & Seniors $8
CLICK HERE to purchase tickets.

The newest circus from Oddfellows Traveling Circus Company is called Adscensio, taken from the Latin word for progress or ascent. The circus explores the advancement of the human race through time by celebrating the great discoveries of history – fire, the wheel, electricity, wireless communication – through the twinkling eyes of the circus. The nine performers, all between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, display their skills, training and vibrancy in a stunning collection of circus acts, including juggling, contortion, unicycling, roman ladders, acrobatics and physical comedy.

See our species’ ascent from the first fire to the latest digital device!

Experience each stunning moment of discovery!

Shudder with expectation and recognition as we hurtle toward a surprising, provocative and terrifying finale!

Straight from appearances at the American Youth Circus Festival in Sarasota, Florida and the New York Regional Festival in New York City, don’t miss the new, improved and expanded Traveling Circus in the world premiere of Adscensio!

The company is under the direction of ArtFarm’s Dic Wheeler and the shows can be booked to perform at schools or other venues. For more information, call Oddfellows Playhouse at (860) 347-6143.

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