Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mayoral Debate Tonight

Co-sponsored by The Middletown Eye, the Wesleyan Students Association, and other student groups.

8PM, October 20th
Crowell Concert Hall
Wesleyan University
Wyllys Avenue

It's a great opportunity to hear all three candidates address both Wesleyan students and permanent residents. The debate will be moderated by Peter Frank, '12.

Questions for the debate, submitted as comments to this post, will be considered. Or tweet Q&A@WSANews.
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Mr. Fixit said...

One of the participants in tonite's debate claims he "reduced taxes". Ask him what the percentage of reduction was.

Anonymous said...

How come Chris Bourne is not participating?

Anonymous said...

Dan Drew will take a plane fly to meet with ceos Android the also quoted a mysterious article saying doing business in ct is cheap! Is the serious? Why didn't the press quote that gem!

Anonymous said...

Chris Bourne was invited to participate but declined.

Anonymous said...

So Dan Drew wants to fly around the country to bring in businesses to Middletown. At what cost to the taxpayer for Mr. Drew's excellent adventures.

Most of this can be done though teleconferencing. Without leaving the city.