Friday, October 21, 2011

Wesleyan Hills Debate Tuesday Evening

October 25th, 7PM.
The Barns at Wesleyan Hills, Long Hill Road

The debate will be conducted in the classic manner, where each candidate will answer questions they have been provided in advance. The moderator will be civic leader, Richard Kamins, President of the Russell Library Board of Trustees. He will ask the candidates questions posed by the audience as time permits.

The organizers thought it would be helpful for the audience to know the questions in advance:

1.Revenue projections are down from Aetna and the State of CT. How will you deliver City services without property taxes going “through the roof?”
2.Wesleyan Hills is a national state-of-the-art planned community for over 40 years. What is your vision for our neighborhood?
3.We have heard so much about the City’s 3 fire districts. What are your plans for the future of Middletown’s fire protection?
4.We are very proud of our neighborhood Wesley Elementary School. What is your commitment to maintaining the class size?
5.What is your vision for Middletown in the next ten years – what will you do in the net two years towards that goal?
6.We still have unresolved on-street parking issues on Long Hill Road—what is your solution?
7.We are experiencing illegal dumping by non-Wesleyan Hills residents. What can we do to stop this? Why should we be charged for this dumping?
8.We have heard so much of the Municipal workforce retirements. How do you translate this into a more efficient payroll?
9.How do you intend to run your office the next two years? How easy will it be to contact you? Will you have evening hours?
10.The number of seniors in Middletown is increasing. Please share your vision for Senior Services and will you make Middletown affordable for the seniors?
11.Why do you want to be Mayor, and why do you believe you can best serve the people as Mayor of Middletown?

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