Friday, October 21, 2011

Developmental Asset Message of the Week - Reading for Pleasure

(Here's Melissa's Asset Message of the Week regarding "Teen Read Week" that she sent via email on Tues. Since the week is basically over, let's just say every week should be "Teen Read Week" right? ;)

As I was trying to decide what to focus on for this week's Developmental Asset Message, an email came through from Ann Buchanan, the wonderful Media Specialist at Middletown High School. The email introduced Teen Read Week, which sounded interesting and I decided to look into it further. Annually, the Young Adult Library Services Association celebrates Teen Read Week during the third week of October. This is a time for parents, educators, librarians, and other caring adults to encourage the youth in their lives to read for fun. As we know from the Developmental Asset survey that was administered in 2006, only 21% of our teens in grades 7-12 stated that they read for pleasure. It is up to us as a community to help improve that statistic. Reading can be fun, relaxing, free and give our kids a safe activity to take part in. Reading for fun can also translate into better performance at school.

Some suggestions for encouraging reading with teens are:

• Visit the public or school library with a teen to attend a program or to check out books.
• Set aside time each night for your family to read.
• Give books or magazine subscriptions to your teen.
• Share your favorite book with a teen.
• Model a love for reading to the teens in your life.

To find out other ways that you can celebrate Teen Read Week in Middletown and also help instill a life long love for reading and learning in youth visit:

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