Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Commentary: The End Of A Planning And Zoning Era

Tonight's meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission marked more than the end of the two year term of office. The Commission is losing to retirement nearly 40 years of experience with land use decisions. The terms of Quentin Phipps, Carl Bolz, Catherine Johnson, Michael Johnson, Barbara Plum, and Richard Pelletier are ending, and only Michael Johnson and Pelletier are running for election. Three of those who are leaving, Bolz, Plum, and Catherine Johnson, have served with dedication on Planning and Zoning. They did so because they believe in the intrinsic importance of land-use decisions to our city, not because P&Z is a stepping stone or a political game.

Neither Phipps nor Michael Johnson were available to attend tonight's meeting, so the thank yous from the other commissioners went to Bolz, Plum, and Catherine Johnson.

Carl Bolz began his service on Planning and Zoning when it was still an appointed body, so long ago that he couldn't even be sure of what year (he thinks it was 1988).

Barbara Plum first served as an appointed alternate member, filling the seat of Ron Klattenberg when he was elected to the Council, she gave 13 years of service on the Commission.

Catherine Johnson served one 4 year term, bringing to the Commission her training in urban planning and architectural design, and wearing her passion for her vision of our city on her sleeve every minute of every meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Quentin Phipps the Chairman of this committee. He couldn't even take the time to thank these hardworking VOLUNTEERS for their service. Another Democrat just looking for votes and not really wanting to do the job. Sorry "Q" you don't have the qualifications for Treasurer...and your campaign literature looks like you are running for Finance Director