Monday, October 31, 2011

Shelter Open, Roads Clear, 94% of Middletown Without Power

The mayor's office is reminding residents that Middletown High School is open as a storm shelter. As of Sunday night 94% of the city is still without power, including Main Street.


Anonymous said...

Has anybody in Middletown seen a CL&P work crew?

I've been on the road a lot and haven't seen a single one.

Since Middletown's percentage without power has increased from 89% yesterday morning to 94%, it appears we aren't a priority.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen one either and I drove around the whole city on Sunday. I'm tired of hearing about the trees. CT has always had trees!!! It may sound conspiratorial, but there are just a few things that don't add up. After Irene, with three + days without power, I receive the highest electric bill ever. In all my 42 years living in CT, I have never lost power during a winter storm. Never. This past Saturday was a first for "exploding transformers" which seemed to go off without any outside help (cars, trees falling, etc.) Can't wait to see this month's CL&P bill. I honestly think they're buying the power, not using it - obviously - and pocketing the money. Someone really needs to investigate this. Stranger things have happened. Remember California in the 90s??