Tuesday, October 11, 2011

BOE Candidate: Gene Nocera - CFSA Endoresement

The below information is a part of the Eye's Elections 2011 series to provide information to voting citizens and does not represent any endorsement by the Middletown Eye or any of its authors.

October 4, 2011
To Whom It May Concern
From Roch J. Girard
RE: CFSA Endorsement for Dr. Eugene Nocera
It is with great pleasure that the Connecticut Federation of School Administrators endorses the candidacy of Dr. Eugene Nocera for the Middleton Board of Education.
Dr. Nocera will be a tremendous asset to the Board of Education given his many years of service as a school administrator and principal.
His talents are many and his unique ability to work with his “people skills” is well known.
We strongly support Dr. Nocera as the Democratic candidate for the Board of Education.
Thank you.
162 West Street - Bldg. 2 - Suite K- Cromwell -CT– 06416-Telephone: 860-635-3660 -Fax: 860-635-3663

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