Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Szewczyk Calls For Examination of Higher Ed Salaries

From the Szewczyk for Representative Campaign

John Szewczyk, candidate for State Representative in the 100th district, today called on members of the General Assembly to address the award of pay increases to state university administrators at a time when education costs and tuition continue to rise:

“Compared to other state universities, Connecticut has amongst the highest cost for higher education in the country and continues to raise tuition forcing many students to matriculate out of state," said Szewczyk. "At the same time, however, we have allowed our University Presidents to continue receiving 5% pay increases to their $300,000 salaries. Our state legislature must take a proactive stance to keeping higher education affordable in the state of Connecticut."

"Unfortunately too many State Representatives, including Matt Lesser, have remained silent on this issue.  That is entirely the wrong attitude - UCONN, CCSU, SCSU, ECSU, WCSU, and the community colleges are all state run institutions and it is the responsibility of our lawmakers to make these colleges top notch and affordable”. 


Durham Res said...

LOL! This comes from the guy who voted to give Durham politicians record pay increases in the middle of a recession.

This Durham taxpayer has had enough of John Szewczyk.

A drunken sailor would have more street cred on this issue... I'm voting for Lesser.

Man of the town said...

A vote for Matt Lesser is a vote for the state to continue on the path it is on now. That's more of what we need. Record spending and record borrowing.

Kudos to Matt Lesser and the democrats in charge in Hartford.