Thursday, August 12, 2010

City Votes Mirror Those of State (Mostly)

Middletown vote totals closely tracked those in the state as a whole, as did the voter turnout.

Middletown has 10,645 registered Democrats, and 26% of them cast a ballot in the governor's race between Daniel Malloy and Ned Lamont. Malloy won 60% of the Middletown votes. The other statewide winners, Wyman (Lieutenant Governor), Merrill (Secretary of State), and Lembo (State Comptroller) each won in Middletown by an almost 2 to 1 margin over their respective opponents.

In the "factoid which may only interest me" category, the only voting district in which Malloy did not beat Lamont was the 5th, where they each received 70 votes. The 5th District is roughly a 3 square mile area surrounding Moody School on Country Club Road. The polling I did among registered Democrats in one house in this district accurately predicted the exactly split vote.

Middletown has 3,272 registered Republicans, and 29% of them cast a ballot in the governor's race between Tom Foley, Michael Fedele, and Oz Griebel. Foley won 42% of the votes, compared to 35% for Fedele and 23% for Griebel. In the U.S. Senate race, Linda McMahon won 44% of the Middletown votes, compared to 33% for Simmons and 22% for Schiff.

The only race in which Middletown results did not match those of the state was the Republican race for Attorney General. Statewide, Martha Dean soundly defeated Ross Garber, winning 60% of the votes. However, in Middletown Dean lost by 9 votes; Garber tallied 463 votes to Dean's 454. Garber is married to Gail Bysiewicz, who grew up on her family's farm on East Street together with her sister, former Democratic candidate for Attorney General, Susan Bysiewicz.


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The election over pick up all of your sign.

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Particularly the ones at intersections that block the view of traffic. Try turning north on Rt 17 from Brush Hill Rd. Three signs for the same candidate.