Tuesday, August 24, 2010

McMahon Says He's Honored To Be Selected

"I'm honored that Mayor Giuliano has appointed me chief," Chief-designee Patrick McMahon said today in a phone interview shortly after his appointment was made public.  "But it's just the first step in the process."

McMahon indicated that all director-level appointments in the city are reviewed by the Personnel Review Committee (who have already scheduled a meeting to do so on September 21), and once vetted by the PRC, the appointees must be approved by a vote of the Common Council.

"I've enjoyed the support of the Council as a department," McMahon said.  "While other cities have been forced to lay off officers, the Council has added new officers to our department.  I look forward to their support as a designee, and their thorough and objective review of my credentials."

McMahon indicated that he has a resume that he feels qualifies him for the position, and that his record as acting chief speaks for itself.

"I've had thirteen months in this position," McMahon said.  "And the department, and the city has seen some triumphs and tragedy."

Mayor Giuliano in his announcement cited numerous improvements in the department under McMahon's watch, and notes the work done during the Kleen Energy explosion.

"But it's not just the big things," McMahon said.  "It's re-establishing connections to the community and doing things like cleaning up Donovan Park behind McDonough School where we had gotten complaints about criminal activity and drug dealing.  We patrolled the park, made sure new basketball hoops were installed.  I've attended activities there, and so far, we have gotten no new complaints."

The mayor's press release also acknowledges a controversy surrounding McMahon's city of residence.  McMahon owns a house in the city's North end, but still spends time with his family in Norwich, his former city of residence, where his son is attending high school.

"He has been upfront with me," the mayor said.  "And I respect and support his decisions."

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