Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm Disingenuous and I Approve This Message

Thanks to Richard Kamins for noticing that I now have a regular Tuesday opinion column in the Middletown Press.  I took the assignment because I seem to have a bottomless well of opinions, and I'm always grateful for a forum in which to express them.

Today's is the second column I've written, and the topic is political campaign TV commercials.  I don't really talk about the message.  Instead, I point out the irony that most candidates who talk about supporting small business and bringing jobs to Connecticut, use out-of-state production companies to make their ads.

Since I own a small video and film production company, Motion Inc, I've paid attention to that fact over the past few campaign cycles.  Millions have been spent, and companies like mine have little to show for it.

People are suprised that there's a vibrant, though small, film community in Connecticut.  But my company, and my colleagues at other companies, have produced commercials, broadcast documentaries, event videos and sponsored videos at the very highest levels.  I think we can handle a shoot which follows a candidate through a manufacturing plant or a senior center.

In fact, during the last Senate campaign, I fought hard to have a part creating the Lamont commercials, and actually acted as Connecticut line producer for several of the spots.  Still, we subcontracted to a Minneapolis production company, and were working with directors and crew from Minnesota and Los Angeles.

I don't think Connecticut candidates are intentionally avoiding using local companies.  I just don't think they're paying attention.  Maybe this column will help.

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