Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Motorcycle Mania

From the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce

Sponsored by Hunter’s Ambulance and Hunter Limousines, the 5th annual Middletown Motorcycle Mania, presented by Trantolo & Trantolo Law Firm, Gengras Motorcycles, WCCC, and , will be held on Wednesday, August 11, on Main Street in Middletown. Hours of the event will be 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Over 2,500 bikes are expected to converge on Main Street this summer for the fifth year of this event, which will showcase custom and vintage motorcycles.

In 2009, there were over 2,000 motorcycles on display along with thousands of spectators at the event.  The event has also been voted as the Best Summer Bike Event from CT Cruise News three years running.

“All bikes are welcome to come out for this summer event that is sure to be a fantastic time for everyone involved. This event is an opportunity for the city to showcase its many fine restaurants and retail shops in the downtown district,” said Chamber President Larry McHugh.

There are a variety of activities planned for the evening, including a bike show and awards, street vendors, and entertainment.

In addition to the event’s title sponsors, Liberty Bank, Home Team Supply, and Minuteman Press are all sponsors of the event.  “The Chamber thanks Rich Greco and Norm LeBlanc and, the event’s co-chairs and their committee for all of its continued work in putting this event together,” McHugh said. 

This event benefits Middletown youth programs and past proceeds have gone to the Middlesex Chamber’s Middletown Mentor Program, led by Hal Kaplan, and other Middletown youth programs.  There is a suggested donation on $5 for motorcycles and $10 for motorcycles entered for awards.

Rain date is Wednesday, August 18. For more information or vendor space, please visit or contact Cathy Duncan at the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce at (860) 347-6924.   


Anonymous said...

I was recently given an infraction for loud exhaust, is the MPD going to ticket bikes with loud exhausts? Police are sworn to enforce the law how can they pick and choose the laws they want to enforce?

Anonymous said...

Might there be a workshop at this event on aggressive motorcycle speeding and illegal mind blowingly loud exhaust pipes? I think some sort of twelve step program that addresses male inadequacy and its unconscious longing and overt compensation would be appropriate; really get down to where the rubber hits the road. Why not try silence?

Anonymous said...

Other drivers always hear a loud motorcycle. They never hear a quite motorcycle until they've turned into them and its already too late.

M'town Man said...

This "loud bikes are safer" stuff is nonsense.
For one thing, a loud bike half a block away can make it impossible to hear a horn, impossible for a pedestrian to hear a car, etc.
And the motorcycle rider obviously can't hear ANYthing except himself.

It's obnoxious, unsafe, and unnecessary. I wish the cops would actually enforce the noise standards.

Anonymous said...

Pedestrians hear motorcycles, too. Loud motorcycles are obnoxious and aggressive. Any two wheel bike - with or without a motor is inherently dangerous to ride around cars. I cannot believe that a loud motorcycle is somehow safer to ride around cars. The fact that Connecticut does not have a helmet law - something that is proven to increase safety -reveals much about motorcycle culture and the "Look at me" attitude of so many motorcyclists in our state!

Anonymous said...

A coincidence that an ambulance company and a law firm recently airing ads aimed at representing bikers that had crashes are major sponsors? I think not. Bikers are good for their business. Truckers refer to bikers as "organ donors" as in broadcast on a CB, "Watch out for that organ donor weaving in and out at 100 mph."

Anonymous said...

Are there noise regulations? Then why aren't they enforced? I work in Middletown between Main St. and High St. We are frequently interrupted in our office by loud motorcycles. In our home in a residential area of Middletown we are unfortunately within earshot of several roads used by motorcyclists whose noise disturbs us at all hours of the day and night. We have lived here for over 30 years; I do not remember that it was so noisy in the past. The lenience of Middletown towards loud motorcyclists makes this an unpleasant place to live and work and undermines the attempts to improve the quality of life here. There are other towns that are less tolerant of noise and much pleasanter places to live and work.

Vance and Hines Exhaust said...

Better have the pictures... Looking forward to update the post and get some pictures...

Anonymous said...

As Co-Chair of this event I would like to thank Middletown Public Officials, Fire Dept and Police Dept for help in recent 5th Annual Motorcycle Event. While any event has pro's and con's I believe that the PRO'S far outweigh the CON'S for this ONE night event. How else can you get 8,000 plus people to attend an event and get exposure to what Middletown has to offer. To anyone offended by this event, you have 2 options.. Number one is to stay home and put up with it and number two find something else to do that night out of town..
To quote a coaching friend of mine.... " Opinions are like rear ends and noses " " They come in all sizes and shapes "
Freedom of speech allows you to comment..
Rich Greco / Co- Chair