Saturday, August 14, 2010

Conservation Commission Meeting Notes / lack thereof

The monthly Conservation Committee meeting did not occur as scheduled for August 12th due to lack of a quorum. It's the third meeting that was cancelled this year. There was no meeting in February or May. Historically it is tough to get a quorum in the summer months and also in December and it is very common to end the year having held 9 or 10 regular meetings rather than all 12 as scheduled. Sometimes we "make up" for the missed meetings with special meetings that are typically called when there are important current events that the Commission wishes to address immediately. Members of the Commission are experts in various aspects of environmental issues. Among the members are engineers, biologists, river conservation specialists, experts in geographic information systems and mapping, and experts at getting things done in Hartford and Washington D.C. Just as important as the expertise, we also have a collective passion and drive to do what's best for the City and to enable and promote smart and sustainable growth, which is just plain common sense. Everyone brings something to the table. The next regular meeting is scheduled for Thursday September 9th at 7pm in Room 208 of the municipal building on deKoven Drive. Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

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Anonymous said...

after 2 or 3 absences members should be replaced.