Thursday, August 5, 2010

Middletown Resident takes to the Skies!

Missing a little excitement in your life these days? Tired of sitting at home on steamy hot summer nights watching "Top Gun" wishing you could live it? Thinking at this point this entry is getting too personal?

Fear not.
The first rule of Flight Club is to talk LOTS about Flight Club! Resident Oran Mills and co founder fellow aviator Melanie Folcik are making their passion come a live with a new private organization called Flight Club Coaltion Inc.. Flight Club president and aviation instructor Melanie Folcik teaches Aviation Ground School at Middletown Adult Education and Glastonbury High School, which are both currently holding enrollment for classes starting in September. Oran Mills co-founded the club because he 'believes you never stop learning during your flying experience, and he wants to assist others to strive to be their best. '

It is no secret, downtown resident (and talented architect of, the Connecticut Aero Technical School and hanger at Brainard Airport), Oran Mills, AIA LEED AP has always had his head in the skies. Oran Mills, who is also vice-president of Flight Club, has been a licensed pilot since 1979, and has been wanting to fly as long as he can remember. He signed up for his first flight lesson after being violently airsick during his first airplane ride. Today, he is a fully licensed Captain and aerospace instructor in the Civil Air Patrol, and in the process of becoming a mission specialist and CAP flight instructor. Should one choose to act out his or her "Mission Impossible" fantasy, and go from air to sea, Oran has also been licensed as a Coast Guard Captain, holding both off-shore and inland waterway auxiliary sail and motor ratings.

Aviator Melanie Folcik, founder and president of Redline Elements LLC, an emergency situation training business, also has 14 plus years of paramedic/EMT service under her belt. Her many achievements can be seen on the group's web site.

Flight Club Coalition Inc. has flying lessons and rental of aircraft available for its members for reasonable prices as well as a social outlet for pilots both seasoned and novice. To find out more information about Oran, Melanie, class enrollment, and what else Flight Club has to offer click on the website at:

Hats off to another Middletown Resident giving back to the community through the pursuit of his dreams!

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Barry (N197F) said...

Cool! Nice to see 7EZ in a good home. It and 114 taught me some good lessons.

Best of luck!