Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lesser Condemns Szewczyk For Going Negative

From the Re-elect Matt Lesser Campaign

FACT CHECK: Szewczyk Makes it Up

In response to Republican candidate John Szewczyk going negative Tuesday, attacking State Representative Matt Lesser, Rep. Lesser issued the following statement:

"It's disappointing that John Szewczyk has chosen the low road. He is showing his inexperience and making it up as he goes along. Amazingly not one claim in his press release is accurate.

Claim: UConn has "amongst the highest tuition rates in the country"
Reality: UConn in-state tuition is lower than virtually every comparable school in the region. UConn is significantly cheaper than UMass, Rutgers, the University of Vermont, the University of New Hampshire and only two-thirds the cost of Penn State. In-state rates at UConn are virtually identical to in-state rates at the Universities of Maine, Delaware and Rhode Island.

Claim: UConn pay scales are set by the General Assembly.
Reality:  UConn pay scales are not set by the General Assembly. If Szewczyk thinks UConn is mismanaged, he should start by calling up Middlesex Chamber of Commerce President Larry McHugh who chairs the UConn Board of Trustees. McHugh has been moving UConn in the right direction, particularly since the recent departure of President Hogan.

"I frankly think Larry McHugh has been doing an excellent job of making UConn more accountable," Lesser added.

Claim: High in-state rates force Connecticut students to go out of state.
Reality: Out of state tuition rates at virtually every flagship university in the country are higher than in-state tuition rates at UConn. "This one is a real puzzle" Lesser said, "where is he getting this?"

Claim: Lesser has done nothing to make higher education more affordable.
Reality: Lesser has been a champion of higher education, and sponsored and passed legislation creating a loan repayment program for graduates who stay in Connecticut. He protected funding for education after legislative Republicans proposed closing a state university, and as a member of the Education Committee helped lead the charge against a proposal by Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele that would have dismantled the state's vocational-technical and community college system.

Matt Lesser added, "I'm trying to run a positive campaign focused on the issues. It's disappointing my opponent is so interested in playing the partisan blame game he hasn't even bothered to do his homework. Voters are simply tired of this kind of nonsense."


Anonymous said...

Tell it like it is, Matt. You've got my vote!

Brian said...

The national average for in-state tuition for state schools is $7000.
UCONN is $8000.
Matt is telling it like it ain't.

Anonymous said...


Go home to whatever state you came from

Uncle Tomaso said...


Where do you get your "facts"?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average cost for attending a public, four-year college in 2007-8 (the last year for which figures are available) was $13,424.

See: http://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=76

Matt has his facts right.

Szewczyk is trying to fool voters with stuff that just isn't true.

Brian said...

To Uncle Tomaso: I got the facts in a cleverly titled website called "A Comparison of College Tuitions."
The $7000 was for TUITION only, not room and board or meals or anything else.

Man of the town said...

How about some accountability but Mr Lesser. Instead of playing on his computer during budget discussions. The only one's going negative is Mr Lesser. I guess this is what he learned at candidates classes in DC/Virginia area.

We need a change in Hartford and that begins with John Szewczyk being elected in the 100th district.

Uncle Tomaso said...


At least according to Google, there simply is no “cleverly titled website called 'A Comparison of College Tuitions'."

By any chance is it possible you found yourself on a website not so cleverly titled:


There you can find a nationwide “average” cost for tuition and fees which comes close to what you say.

That website is created by the private College Board. It says when the numbers were originally published, but it does not say what academic year they refer to. The numbers I cited come from an official survey by the Federal Department of Education, and they specify the relevant year.

Finally, you are talking apples and oranges when you compare the cost of attending college anywhere in New England with the average cost nationwide. There simply is no way any college or university in or around Connecticut can – or should – match costs with those in Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, etc., etc. It makes much more sense to compare costs in Connecticut with others in New England and the Middle Atlantic states, and that is precisely what Matt did.

Uncle Tomaso said...

Man of the town:

How about posting something other than blithering invective?

There is no substance to anything you say – just nasty, personal mudslinging.

What has Matt supported that you oppose, or opposed that you support?

What has Szewczyk done? What will he do that will make things better?

Try to post something substantive.

Brian said...

To Uncle: Sorry , it was a "College Tuition Comparison", which, as you so astutely point out, differs tremendously from what I mentioned before "A Comparison of College Tuitions."
It's kinda creepy to think you checked EVERY website to try to prove me wrong! You really should get a life.
By the way, my child actually went to UCONN==I'm still paying for it.

Uncle Tomaso said...


And the key point is that if your child had gone to UMASS or New Hampshire, or Vermont or any other school Matt listed, you would be paying a whole lot more.