Thursday, November 6, 2008

Senator Doyle has good feeling about Monday meeting with Army

According to an email sent to a Middletown Eye correspondent, State Senator Paul Doyle and Mayor Sebastian Giuliano had a conference call with Army Corps of Engineers Colonel Keith Landry last week about the Army Reserve Training Center.

During that conference call Landry indicated that a decision about preferred sites for the Army Reserve Training Center would not be forthcoming.

"He (Landry) told us that the decision was delayed by superiors," Doyle wrote in his email.

According to Doyle, during that conference call Landry said he was confident, and hoped that the mayor and Doyle would be happy with the Army's decision. The mayor indicated that only a decision which indicated the Army would choose Cucia park would make him, and the town, happy. Landry would make no confirmation about the Army's decision.

At that point Landry indicated he had booked a flight for November 10 to be in Connecticut, according to Doyle's email. Doyle's response: "I told him that there is no point in coming unless the decision was made by the 10th."

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