Thursday, November 13, 2008

Art destroyed on Main Street

One of the sculptures, an abstract which was mounted on display in front of Liberty Bank on Main Street, has been destroyed.

The sculpture, part of Middletown's Main Street sculpture walk, had already been vandalized when someone punched a hole in one of its cast "drapings."

This morning, the entire exhibit was upended and smashed by some "art critic."

I suppose vandalism, like graffiti, is unavoidable, but its unfortunate that a display, not fifty yards from the Police Station, could be forcibly toppled and smashed.


Karma said...

what is sadder is that a sculpture not 10 feet from the station could be used as a skate board rest, and have things thrown at it by some kids.

- maggie masselli

Topher Polack said...

I walked by the broken sculpture with friend last night. We got a few passersby to help upright it.

Do you think it should be removed because it is not in it's original state? Do you think it's damaged state better reflects it's environment?

The artist should be alerted and steps should be taken to soothe this. Who places the sculptures?

Anonymous said...

it should be removed because i don't like it. it's stupid and I don't want it there.