Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Army site possibility under consideration for industrial development

The agenda for tomorrow's special meeting of the Economic Development Committee lists one item, a Tax & Business Incentive Program Application for Liberty Commerce Park, LLC. Liberty Commerce Park is a 12-lot industrial subdivision at the intersection of Middle Street and Smith Street, owned by Thaddeus Bysiewicz. This property is also on the agenda for the Finance and Government Operations Commission meeting (5:30PM, Room 208). Liberty Commerce Park is one of 3 sites under consideration by the Army Corps of Engineers for the Armed Forces Reserve Center they want to build in Middletown. In discussions about the Army base, this land is known as the Bysiewicz Industrial Subdivision.

Bill Warner, Planning Director, told me that a significant manufacturer would like to purchase three of the lots to construct a 70,000 square foot facility, which would employ 100 people. Such a use of the land would generate significant tax revenue to the city, unlike the Army Facility, which would generate none. Such financial considerations were behind the resolution passed by Common Council on October 6, which opposed the placement of the Army Facility on the Bysiewicz land. Although it is not clear that the Army would choose the Bysiewicz land instead of Cucia Park or the Boardman Lane property, by selling three lots now, Mr. Bysiewicz would eliminate the possibility of selling all of his land to the army. The remaining 9 lots would be insufficient for the army's use. The Finance and Government Operations Commission and the Economic Development Committee will consider possible tax abatements to encourage a sale by Bysiewicz to the manufacturer.

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