Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rosa DeLauro: Boardman Lane still on the Army's list of sites

In a press release this afternoon, Connecticut Representative Rosa DeLauro indicated that the Army Corps of Engineers' Colonel Keith Landry will meet with elected officials in Connecticut on Monday to "announce the sites still in consideration as possible locations for the Army Reserve Center."

According to DeLauro's press release, the Boardman Lane site is still on that list.

There is no word as to which other sites may still be on the list. Those potential sites include Cucia Park, Mile Lane, Bysiewicz Industrial Park and Boardman Lane.

It seems unlikely that the Army will deliver a ranked list, showing the preferences for any site. As the press release notes:
"these sites will undergo environmental analysis under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and no final selection will be made until the NEPA process has been completed."

According to the press release, DeLauro continues to press the Army to remove the Boardman Lane site from the list of potential locations:
"In light of these discussions and last month’s response to the inquiry I made with Senators Dodd and Lieberman, it appears that the Boardman Lane site will remain on this list. I will continue to make clear to those reviewing these sites that Boardman Lane is not a suitable location for the Center and fight on behalf of my constituents for its removal from consideration."

The mayor's office, the governor's office and the office of Attorney General Richard Blumenthal were also contacted for comment on this story, but none returned calls on the topic.


argos said...

While it may be a mistake to attribute to Colonel Landry a strategy (or is it a tactic?), the result of keeping Boardman Lane on the table until the last minute is that residents are distracted from demanding an answer to the more basic question: why and on whose authority is it that only Middletown is being considered as a site for this base.

Anonymous said...

I second your point Argos, another fine example of Dodd and Lieberman not doing their job.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Army is satisfying some environmental requirement concerning alternate sites.I would bet you dollars to doughnuts that most of the unanswered questions will never be answered.