Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Late afternoon vote update: Farm Hill, William Street Senior Center

By 4 pm, voting at Farm Hill had just inched past 50%, or some 2000, registered voters who had already cast their ballots. Inside, just past the Farm Hill election bake sale, which has been profitable due to the large voter turnout, there were no lines, but a steady stream of voters to privacy booths. Moderators declared the turnout as "unprecedented."

Outside, Democratic candidate for state representative, Matt Lesser, greeted voters, while on another corner voters were urged to vote "No" to a state constitutional convention.

Downtown, there was a virtual parade of Wesleyan students making the trek down the William Street Hill toward the polling place at the Senior Center. Outside candidate for state representative Catherine Johnson engaged the students in lively banter about alternative transportation solutions.

Potential voters stood in a line which stretched out the door of the senior center.

Inside, the moderator was clearing a tabulator filled to bursting with votes. Voting had reached more than 1600 ballots cast, or 60% of the registered voters.

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