Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Contemplating solutions for the core city

Jennifer Saines sent along an email:

I write to remind you that there will be a P&Z meeting tomorrow evening at 7 PM. The public hearing includes discussion of a chapter of Middletown's Plan of Development entitled "The Urban Dilemna" which addresses the challenges facing the downtown neigborhoods.

Peruse it on the Middletown Eye's meeting agenda, and come and speak about how you feel the city can best improve life and business in the downtown. Alternatively, you can hand in a written statement. Some topics that you may want to consider include: public transportation, bike racks, garbage collection, group housing, traffic, library hours and funding, trees, sidewalks, bumpouts, parking, neighborhood schools, etc. Or you may simply want to push for a plan of downtown development that is based on the principles of smart growth.

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