Monday, November 10, 2008

Jonah Center Home Energy Audits

Subsidized Home Energy Improvements For Oil Customers

The Jonah Center for Earth and Art is gathering applications for subsidized home energy audits and efficiency improvements. Up to now, the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund has provided this service for free only to customers whose main source of heat is electricity or natural gas. But on November 15, Governor Rell will announce that oil heating customers can benefit from an improved program for a reasonable $75 co-pay. (The previous co-pay for oil customers was $300.) This new service includes a furnace test and tune-up and is valued at $800.

By aggregating customers in a local area in advance, the Jonah Center group can be first in line to take advantage of this new funding (limited to 6000 customers state-wide) before winter sets in.

If you are interested, visit the Jonah Center website ( as soon as possible, click “send us a message” on the left side. Provide your name and email address with “energy audit” in the message box. A PDF file of the application will be sent to you with further instructions.

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