Thursday, November 6, 2008

Secretary of State Bysiewicz surprised by Monday Army meeting

Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz finds it troubling that the Army will not be releasing a list of ranked sites for the proposed Army Reserve Training Center when they come to Connecticut on Monday especially after the work the city has done to identify usable sites.

Bysiewicz, who has addressed correspondence to the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of Defense says "she has not gotten any reply."

"Anything I write or do for constituents in this office," she asserted. "Is available for public inspection. It's strange to me that the Army hasn't come forward with legal opinions on the BRAC law."

This latest development has left her more puzzled.

"I haven't heard about any meeting on Monday, and I'm dismayed that Colonel Landry (of the Army Corps of Engineers), has not been in contact."

Bysiewicz also expressed concern about the lack of involvement by the governor's office.

"The governor is pretty unengaged," Bysiewicz said. "She hasn't answered the questions raised on Smart Growth. She's established an office on Smart Growth and this would be the perfect opportunity to engage Smart Growth principles with a large federal project. She is Commander in Chief of the National Guard, and yet in terms of her response, the silence has been deafening."

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Anonymous said...

Could it get any more curiouser? Perhaps President-elect Obama will triumphantly return to Middletown and bring everyone together for a bracing and bonding Penguin Plunge in the fishy depths of the Cucia Park Pond,proclaiming a blissful Solomon-like AFRC solution during a Spirit of Change ceremony capped with a group Hug and Kiss? Sasquatch needs amusement!