Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dinner & a Quiz

With apologies for overlap with Ed's post, I have a quick question for you:

What's the name of the steamship that crashed into the railroad trestle in the Connecticut River in Middletown? I'll give you hint -- it was named after another river city...

What? You know the answer? Then I wish you'd been sitting at my table at the Gilead House fundraiser this evening.

This annual trivia-contest-for-a-cause starts with dinner at the homes of about a dozen individual hosts. We were lucky enough to be with Marian and Sam Katz and lots of old friends for paella and conversation. Then we joined all the other parties at Wesleyan's Beckham Hall, where the table groaned under all the home-made desserts. In addition to the trivia contest and a live and silent auction, the evening included several moving testimonies about the great work that Gilead does for their clients.

Although we were not victorious in the trivia contest this year, we did have a wonderful time, and we learned a few things. Like, for example, that the name of the ship that crashed the trestle was: The Hartford.

The Eye offers congratulations to the guests of host Jane McMillan for their broad knowledge of trivia -- they won the contest! {Only 364 days left to study for next year!}

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