Monday, November 10, 2008

Barn Dance at Wesleyan Friday

Another award-winning old time string band is coming to Wesleyan, this Friday. This band, The Fox Hunt, a group from West Virginia, a foursome of guys at the head of a lively young scene reviving old dance tunes from the area. They play full speed ahead (perhaps inspired by the fact that they used to be in a punk band together? until they traded their electric guitars for banjos), and are bound to keep everyone on their feet.

Date: Friday, November 14
Time: 8-11 Dance! Calling by Erica Weiss, some boot stomping southern-style dances.
NO EXPERIENCE necessary. Just bring yourselves, and your dancing feet!
: Beckham Hall.
Free and open to the public.

The sad news is that next month Anna Roberts-Gevalt (Ragtime Annie for you WESU fans) will be graduating from Wesleyan and Wesleyan's most direct Kentucky music connection will be gone. Anna, who has become an accomplished banjoist, and a very good fiddler during her tenure in Middletown, is part of a resurrgent interest among the Wesleyan student body, in various forms of American roots, folk and traditional musics.

So come on out and dance, and help encourage Anna's cohorts to continue bringing these wonderful events to campus.

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