Friday, October 23, 2009

Middletown Number 2 in "Leisure"

Connecticut Magazine's November issue is out with a section on "Rating the Towns." In the category for towns with 25,000 - 50,000 in population, Middletown is listed as 11th overall out of 24 towns in a tie with Shelton and Windsor. In the individual categories Middletown is number 2 for "Leisure" which is determined by the Commision on the Arts, a state Library statistical report and the CT Vacation Guide. Other categories and Middletown's rating in parentheses are Education (17th), Crime (19th), Economy (15th), and Cost (10th),.

The article is barebones and other than some minimal notes on the rankings themselves has absolutely nothing to say about the individual towns.

I found it to be rather uninformative, and I prefer middletown to any other town no matter what they say!

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NOBO said...

But we are #3 in spelling.