Monday, October 26, 2009

Candidate Profile: Board of Assessment Appeals - Jonathan Pulino

All Middletown municipal government candidates have been invited to complete a questionnaire about their candidacy. This is one in a series of profiles based on submitted questionnaires. Profiles will be published in the order they are received from candidates.

Jonathan Pulino
Incumbent candidate for Board of Assessment Appeals

Experience and background

Current Member Board of Assessment of Appeals (elected- since 2007)

Current Member of the Cable Advisory Committee (appointed since 2006)

Teacher of English Literature Maloney High School

Public School teacher since 1999

Holds Associate Degree in General Studies from Middlesex Community College 1992

Holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Eastern Connecticut State University 1995

Holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Communications from Eastern Connecticut State University 1994

Holds a Masters of Science in Education Technology from Central Connecticut State University 2007

Currently studying for Connecticut Library Media Specialist certificate at Southern Connecticut State University

Union Representative for the Meriden Board of Teachers/American Federation of Teachers.

Host of Public Access television program, “The Edge” since 1998

Co-Host of Public Access television program “The Diner” since 2004

Co-Host of Public Access television program “The Variety Hour” since 2007

Member of the Italian American Civic Organization

Independent Candidate for Mayor in 1999


I will continue to be fair and listen to each and every taxpayer as I did in March during our 17 marathon sessions that were held that month. As a member of the minority party, I was able to persuade other members to send companies worth more than $500,000 to court, which is the right thing to do both legally and ethically. It is my feeling that our board should focus on the citizen and not the bigger businesses that have plenty of money and lawyers to go to court; it is the average hard working citizen that needs the tax relief if and when the law allows.

Reasons for running

To use my unique educational background, in the better hopes of representing Middletown citizens with their tax appeals during these troubled financial times. During our September 2009 hearings, I was able help the majority of appellants who came to the board seeking tax relief. As a member of the Board of Assessment Appeals, I encourage all citizens to take advantage of their constitutional right and appeal their home and car taxes every year.


To help all citizens appeal their taxes in a fair and ethical fashion

To bring the board back to its original intent: representation for the common person and not the company with a huge bankroll.

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