Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'll Have The Same - Iguana Ranas, A Review

Submitted by Susan Allison

It is definitely worth checking out Iguanas Ranas Taqueria at 574 Main St (next to Pho Mai.) Iguanas Ranas has been open for about a year and a half and though its reputation continues to grow, it’s still a hidden treasure. There are many returning customers but many more who have yet to discover it!.

Iguanas Ranas is authentic Mexican cooking made with secret family recipes and made fresh in front of the customer. It is not Taco-Bell or Tex-Mex. The restaurant is owned and run by the Martinez family; parents Polo and Angela, and their children Julio, Lily, and Martha. The family is originally from Oaxaca but lived in Mexico City many years before moving to the US 16 years ago. Angela is the one who holds the keys to the secret recipes.

Some of the more popular menu items are the Gorditas, tacos (only $2 each!) fish tacos, and tortas. The beans and rice alone are delicious. My favorite so far is a quesadilla and a lime-topped Coronita!

The atmosphere is friendly and homey. I heartily recommend a visit to Iguanas Ranas Taqueria! As Julio pointed out you won’t find any melted cheese sauce on these tacos!

‘Iguanas Ranas’ is a phrase used primarily in Mexico City meaning “the same.” If a friend orders a Pacifico beer, for instance, and you want the same, you’d say “Iguanas ranas.”

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joseph getter said...

Iguana Ranas is one of our favorites in town. Very tasty, not expensive, with friendly service.