Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Candidate Profile: Planning and Zoning Commission, Alternate - Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson (Working Families Party)
Planning and Zoning, Alternate Member


B.S. Sacred Heart University (Government; Management)

Lived in Middletown for Four Years (West Lake)

Active Participant with Middlesex Coalition on Children

Work as an advocate for over 25 non-profits including an affording housing group which developed the Liberty Commons


Represent Connecticut Legal Services, Connecticut Housing Coalition and Connecticut Fair Housing Center in Hartford.

Participated in the working group Better Choices for Connecticut to raise awareness of Connecticut’s large achievement gap.

Qualifications for position

I’m considered by many of my clients and colleagues to be pragmatic, independent and fair. I don’t limit my activity to courses of action that reflect the status quo. Instead, I have found that listening to the people I represent and developing strategies that reflect their input yields positive change where and when it is needed most.

Reasons for running

The Working Families Party promotes safer communities and a better understanding of living conditions for residents. My goal is to work collaboratively with the Commission, residents and business developers to keep Middletown at the forefront of development. Enhanced communication is critical in a city that is growing faster than many realize. A vote for me ensures a Resident’s voice rather than a Member’s voice.


Every resident I have spoken with has verbalized concerns regarding the lack of bike and walking trails. Obviously, this would be a top priority in an effort to enhance the quality of life for residents. People outside of Main Street need an incentive to bring themselves and their families downtown. Let’s keep in mind that a pedestrian city keeps Middletown vibrant and unique.

Blight is a growing problem with housing in Middletown. Let’s hold property owners more accountable to maintain their land and keep our market value as high as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Mike Johnson is one of the young all-stars in town who, along with Connecticut Young Dems President Quentin Phipps, has a bright road ahead in Middletown politics.